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The history of the Podere San Lazzaro winery starts with Lorenzo Capriotti, Paolo’s father, who after years of hard work was able to purchase a farm in the hills of Offida, and started plating vineyards of Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Passerina grapes. Paolo Capriotti, with his wife Elisetta, took over in 2003, carrying on the family tradition with a modern winemakiing facility, and is recognized both in Italy and abroad for the quality of his wines. In subsequent years, more varietals-including Pecorino, Grenache and more Passerina-were planted in the area around the winery.

In order to produce quality wines that fully reflect the characteristics of its territory requires a strict adherence to nature’s cycles.With this objective in mind, the organic winemaking process was adopted in the vineyards as well as in the cellar, allowing the maturation of the grapes to run their natural course.




Cold-extracted from Leccino, Sargano and Carboncella varietals. The olives are picked by hand and pressed the same day they are harvested using state of the art equipment under controlled temperature. This extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively with estate grown olives. Olive oil of superior quality obtained directly from olives only through mechanical pressing (i.e., no heat or chemical extraction). Oil extracted in Italy from olives grown in Italy.


We produce all our wines immersed in the Offidane vineyards


07-10 Aprile 2019


Vinitaly hosts over fifty thematic tastings of Italian and foreign wines each year and proposes a conference program that addresses the main issues related to the demand and supply of the wine market, the analyzes are conducted by the Vinitaly Studies & Research Observatories.


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Vinity Wine Company’s intimate relationship with the world of Italian wine is rooted in the background of our company’s President and driving force-Dino Capriotti. It was in his family’s vineyard in the Medieval, coastal town of Offida, Italy that Dino Capriotti first developed his love for wines that express unique regional qualities. He carried this passion from his native Marche region with him throughout his first career as a successful restaurateur in Europe and later in the United States, carefully selecting the finest wines for patrons at prices that delighted. In 1986, Dino fell in love with the San Francisco Bay Area and decided to begin a new career in the wholesale wine industry. His great knowledge of wines made him an immediate success. Dino brings to Vinity Wine Company more than a decade of experience in the business, including eight years as owner and partner of a respected fine wine distributor. In Dino Capriotti, you will find one of our industry’s most dynamic personalities-a trusted and reliable businessman who understands the demanding, ever-changing California marketplace. His enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge of fine wines is infectious-only one of the reasons why many wine professionals consider Dino to be one of the best in the business.

Alfavin.ch was born from a passion cultivated and shared within our family for many years.Nothing is better than when passion drives us. Wine is a product of nature, cultivated by passionate artisans, to be shared and enjoyed with family, friends and valued business clients.As you may have often noted, a good bottle is rarely drunk alone. In a world that is becoming increasingly individualistic, good wine plays an even greater role in social relations … it may be a sensory pleasure, aesthetic pleasure and intellectual pleasure.Our friends, the producers, have been a source of inspiration and motivation for us in developing this online sales website. For many years we have developed special relationships and trust with them. Wine producers are unpretentious, authentic, loyal and, most of all, passionate about their craft. Every moment spent in their company, in their area or elsewhere, becomes an unforgettable experience of sharing. Ask them about their own history or that of their area and there is always something to learn about life.